she says, what are you trying to do?

What are you trying to do, be perfect?
Photo by Bill Childers

Photo by Bill Childers

"What are you trying to do, be perfect? she says. Because sighing, I erase the pencil line again. Because I bite my lip and scrunch the space between my eyes and hunch so near the page that my hair obscures the sketch of ... oh, it doesn't matter of what. (It was a trellis.) Her voice pulls me back. "No!" I shout, caught by the one who is always watching. I throw up my hands, and we laugh.

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reverie three

It requires a certain strange courage to lie on public pavement and place rose petals upon your eyelids. The courage to honor expression no matter how obscure, to surrender to inclination like lust. It is the sort of courage that answers when stirrings call.
— Amanda Ford, "Reverie Three" in Lucia Issue Two : Perfection

It's Saturday. Do you have Lucia Issue Two?

When it comes, you'll want to pour yourself a good cup of coffee. Go sit where spring sunshine lands lightly near you. Read "Reverie Three" by Amanda Ford. Find a rose petal.