what does it mean to follow?

December 15, 2015

What does it mean to follow?

The more experienced salsa leads who come on Monday nights seem amused when I step into turns just before they invite me to. They laugh and say, "Oh, you like to turn, huh?" I laugh too and remember...wait for their cue. Wait for the five. Soften. Listen. Feel. Where I am going is not the goal. Staying connected is.

Learning to follow has it's own beauty, it's own challenge, it's own soft strength, it's own expression. It requires presence. It is sensuous. You must stop thinking about what comes next. You must feel and inhabit your body. You must not look down. Trust is an element. So is mirth. A light heart.

My toes are tender this morning. It's quite sweet. I'm giggling. And reflecting. Learning to follow.