big rocks first

February 21, 2016 - Daily Notes, From the Editor

Today is Sunday. I went to visit my niece, Faye.

She is two years old and has been a budding photographer since the tender age of eleven weeks. You think I'm exaggerating, but the way she gripped my Nikon with her tiny hands in exactly the right place and pulled her nearly-newborn face closer to the eyehole that day gave me shivers. The good kind.

There is list of all of the things I "should" be doing today for Lucia.

There is also a story about a teacher who has a jar filled to the brim with rocks, sand, and water. One day he pours it all into a bucket and asks his students to fill the jar back up using all of the original contents. The students put the water and sand back in first, then start adding the small rocks. They discover soon the jar has already become so full that the big rocks no longer fit.

The teacher says, "Remember this. It is not a lesson about rocks, but about your life. If you fill your life with the small rocks first (things like work) you will soon discover there is not enough room for the big rocks (things like meaningful relationships, love, and nieces).

Today was Sunday. My heart feels happy. I chose a big rock first.