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Daily Notes, From the Editor
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The last seven months have been a journey. All the elements of a story and I have been wanting to share writing about it—it’s not time yet, but maybe soon.

There is the heroine, an old nemesis and a new one, an evil act, a challenge, a mentor, dark days, financial loss, soul searching, comrades, magic, a battle (in this day and age we call it court), a tentative victory, only to have the antagonist show up for another round.

Our journeys affect everything about our lives. Stress can either destroy us and our relationships, or—if we are willing to change, if we can remain curious and stay fluid and brave—make them stronger. Like steel after a fire. Like river water that has returned to the ocean. Don’t you agree?

I hear sweet rustling now, upstairs. More perhaps another day. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed writing here. Peace is here, though. Growth. Goodness.

Happy Sunday,

Laura Lowery is the founder, editor and publisher of Lucia. She does her best to lead a creative life. Whether triumphant or stumbling, Laura shares daily notes (that are often weekly) here on luciajournal, including stories, behind-the-scenes happenings, little doses of inspiration, and large quantities of curiosity and heart. She is pleased to meet you.