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cicely andree conway

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A licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist, yoga practitioner and teacher, Cicely enjoys time with her husband, being in nature and exploring life through the eyes of her daughter. She dreams of a full night’s sleep, resuming a daily yoga practice and working in an integrative health care clinic. Currently she’s taking time away from her profession to practice the fine art of parenting.

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emiko atherton

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A visual storyteller and writer, Emiko is from Seattle, Washington. In the spring of 2014, she gave away most of her belongings to travel the world.

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sarah anne childers

Sarah toggles between curating creatives as Lucia's online editor and creatively curating ideas and the words they live in as a writer. Juggling like this makes her very happy. She is delighted to meet you. 

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amanda ford


Amanda is the author of Kiss Me, I’m Single and Be True to Yourself: A Daily Guide for Teenage Girls. She begins every day by sipping Japanese green tea and savoring dark chocolate and ends by practicing lettering in a oversized journal. She works as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, seeing clients in a private studio that she has named The Institute of Moves, Muscles and Eternal Optimism.

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judy ford


A psychotherapist, writer, cartoon creator, and electric bike rider, Judy can verify from personal experience that the creative approach to everything is the cure for boredom, angst, fear, stress and self-doubt.

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karly siroky


Karly lives with wild and precious hope. A designer and blogger based out of her '88 motorhome, she migrates with the seasons. At the time Issue One was printed, she was on her way to Alaska. When Issue Two was released, she was ski patrolling and salsa dancing in Ashland, Oregon. Next issue? Who knows.

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