to strong women

to strong women

I voted this morning.

It took me awhile, not because I questioned who to vote for, but because it felt momentous, humongous, historical. I wanted to mark this moment on my heart.

The first woman on the ballot for President of the United States is not a small thing. We are on the cusp of history. We are living legend. We are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the suffragettes who wore white suit-dresses and fought valiantly against a tide of misogyny (and the men who stood guard beside them) in order for us to have this right.

They are the reason this ballot arrived in my mailbox addressed to "Ms. Laura Lowery" and they are smiling down on all of us now.

I could feel them as I made my mark, there in my living room by the dawn's early light.

A few more words from my little moment, over at Lucia today. May our votes be true, and may we all be stronger together...