dandelion lessons

Dandelions after dawn, before coffee.

Dandelions after dawn, before coffee.

June 13, 2016 - Daily Notes, From the Editor

The dandelions I cut from the urban wild spot near Madrona Park on Saturday are already showing me new things. Like any good teacher, they are subtle with what they offer; they show more than they tell.

On Sunday, their bright yellow faces were opened wide to the world like buttons on child's raincoat designed to stand out and cheer.

In the evening after a gorgeous date, he and I sat together on my living room floor, navigating things. It is a tender, delicate dance, this learning how to love. It requires courage, honesty, vulnerability, rootedness, and trust. Trying to find the right words at midnight after a full day of work, life, movement, activity, Italian food, and a sunset was a task my brain could not accomplish with grace. I wanted to listen when I found myself talking. I wanted to talk when I found myself listening. I was tired.

My words seemed defensive, tentative, uncertain and afraid, and I heard myself revert to habits I long to shift and change. That is when I noticed they were sleeping.

Did you know dandelions close themselves up entirely when the sun goes down? They do this every night, even when they are cut flowers in a vase. Not a single bit of yellow can be seen, only tight green buds.

Dandelions do not stay awake analyzing their love, vibrance, or future potential until the wee hours of the morning. They rest when the sun goes down and when they wake, they love more. These tough little flowers do not ask anyone for beauty sleep. They just take it, like lionesses. 

This morning--through the haze of waking, making coffee, and remembering I am loved--I noticed them opening again. Slowly, just like me. 


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