new year's eve

unfinished, heart and soul

unfinished, heart and soul

Happy New Year! Oh, the plans I had for ending 2016 with a neat bow, a perfect email, and an announcement of a new offering I've been working on for early 2017. Out the window they flew sometime in the last week while I struggled to balance heart work with paid work, dreams with reality. Instead, I woke this morning unfinished. Like I always do...

happy new year, thank you, & "yes"

December 31, 2015

Chest beating madly with 2015 memories: I started a new magazine. Succeeded and stumbled. Hit pause on big love. Let go. Heart broke and so it grew. Honored my own boundaries. Told fear to suck it. Took myself to salsa lessons.

Started learning to follow, listen, and try to move in sync with someone else, all while laughing. This afternoon I was practicing in my living room (i.e. gathering courage) because later tonight I'm taking myself out. Yep. Solo. Just for a couple of hours. I'll show up and say yes. To anyone who asks.

My two-year-old niece, Faye, says "yes" a lot. It is the sweetest sound. She softly enunciates the s. She smiles. Already she senses the magic in this word.

I am so grateful you have been part of my world this year and so happy to be able to see glimpses of your world through Instagram, Facebook, your wonderful blogs and websites. Thank you for sharing with me. May 2016 bring us all the answers we seek. May they sound a lot like yes.

Happy New Year!