stirring it all

stirring it all

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - Daily Notes, From the Editor (435 words): Sunday was the last day of winter. It's gone now. Poof! Spring. Two magicians arrived at my doorstep at four o'clock in the afternoon. The little one wore shorts, a heart tee-shirt, and no socks. The sun was shining. Her mother wore a blue sweater and a long down coat, offering me tulips and a humorous eye roll as they entered. It was a silent acknowledgment of both the winter temperature (only 8 degrees above freezing outside) and the spring-like hope of a Seattle child who sees the sun...

honor the shift

September 22, 2016 - Daily Notes, From the Editor

Look up and marvel at how the morning half-moon knows today is Equinox.

Words waft into my head while I shower. Sometimes they are directives, mysterious in origin but urgent with a request. When they move my heart I listen.

"Honor the shift," floated in today, under the warm water. I murmured the words several times, as though they hold answers that will only be revealed by their utterance. 

Move slower. Notice the two evergreen clematises your landlord planted in May and how one survived the summer and the other may not. Touch their leaves and give them encouragement. Breathe.

Autumn is here now. Look up and marvel at how the morning half-moon knows today is Equinox. Equal parts light and dark. Balance.

Walking slowly to coffee, think about how one need not clean for hours or spend a small fortune to make her home resemble the Restoration Hardware fall catalog. One candle, one prayer, is enough.

"May I move into this new season with ease, may the growth of the past season be assimilated into my body, mind, spirit. May I spend less time looking at screens and more time touching the earth, plants, and sunlight."

I lit a small candle and it flickered as I wrote those words. It is glowing at my desk now in the 10am morning light, marking the transition, this worldly shift.

That is enough, don't you think? Or maybe you have your own soft prayer. Doesn't it feel like a good day to make one?


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