lucia means light.


Lucia's name is special. We chose it because it means light.

Then, we discovered Lucia is the patron saint of sight. She was a real person who lived in the 3rd century in Sicily. She lost her eyes to those who feared her light. Miraculously, she was still able to see.

As a spirit, saint, angel and ideal her guidance is soft and her presence is fierce. She whispers, “Look inward and see.”

“Honor the heart space, put it first, act from here, let it lead,” she intones.

Lucia shines light on what we are blind to. She calls us to support each other, to inspire, listen, cheer on and hold up light when someone loses the way.

Some celebrate her as Saint Lucia. Others summon her without ever knowing her name. She doesn’t mind. When there is a need, she answers the call.

She is us. We are Lucia.