a new kind of magazine

We created Lucia to meet a deep desire I think most people today relate with: The heart’s longing to be moved, feel inspired, and connect with what is real. You won’t find advertising or airbrushed models anywhere in our pages. Instead you will find beauty, magnificence and truth - loads of it.
— Laura Lowery, Founder & Editor of Lucia
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Lucia is an independent and ad-free magazine.

Our mission is to inspire and enlighten the world by giving voice to the heart and celebrating true beauty.

Lucia's pages offer fresh perspective and beautiful photography from artists, travelers, thinkers and writers who are meeting life with thoughtfulness and light.

Authentic, heartfelt, and curated to spark creativity, Lucia is a magazine unlike any we've ever seen before. 

Get yourself a subscription, a good cup of coffee and a comfortable chair. Open Lucia's soft pages with your fingertips. Rest your screen-weary eyes in the luxury of smooth paper & readable fonts,

Prepare to be inspired.

108 pages, 7.5 x 9.5 inches, color

founder, editor & publisher
Laura Lowery

design advisor
Karly Siroky

Hemlock Printers USA, Inc.

carbon neutral
At Lucia, we love our planet. We use responsibly milled paper and a carbon-neutral printer. We purchase offsets to account for transportation emissions, making our publication 100% carbon neutral.

If you'd like to distribute Lucia, write to distribution@luciajournal.com

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