Lucia Debuts New Kind of Women's Magazine with No Advertising to Give Voice to the Heart, Celebrate True Beauty

Kickstarter Launch Raises More Than $12K in First Seven Days

SEATTLE, WA - May 18, 2015 - Today, Lucia announced its debut and launch on Kickstarter as a first-of-its-kind quarterly magazine for women in the U.S. Independent and without advertising, Lucia’s mission is to inspire and enlighten the world by giving voice to the heart and celebrating true beauty. A passionate team of creative professionals based in Seattle, Wash., headed by founder and editor Laura Lowery, created Lucia and released Issue One : Inspiration.

  “Women are tired of complaining about the false messages and unattainable ideals portrayed in advertisements and images dominating fashion, beauty and celebrity magazines targeted at us,” said Lowery. “We know it has a psychological affect on us, and we need a break from it. We’ve been asking for this change for a long time and it still isn’t here. I was inspired to collaborate with talented, creative women to start a new kind of magazine—a publication that I would want to read—with intelligent, deep, authentic voices, inspiring photographs, and no ads. Lucia signifies a cultural shift in the kinds of publications we are willing to purchase, read, and allow to shape our understanding of ourselves. We are creating a new choice for ourselves with Lucia—an important one—and it’s really exciting.”

  The Kickstarter campaign initiated to crowdfund the second issue of Lucia was selected by Kickstarter as a “Staff Pick” on its first day and has raised more than 20% of its $60,000 funding goal in its first week on the site. Lucia’s backers are pledging contributions in exchange for future copies of the magazine, coffee with the editor, editorial retreats, and more. It ends June 11, 2015. For more information visit

  Printed in Canada by Hemlock Printers USA, Inc., the award-winning carbon-neutral printer of Kinfolk, Green Beauty, Lens Work, Sweet Paul, Lady, Life & Thyme, Gather, and others, Lucia is printed on FSC-certified responsibly milled paper and purchases offsets to account for transportation emissions, making the publication 100% carbon neutral.

  Lucia is designed to spark creativity and meaningful connection among its readership. Measuring 9.5 x 7.5 inches with 108 pages in full color, the layout evokes the sense of light, space, and softness. The main typeface, Mrs. Eaves, was selected for its artistry and ease of reading. Lucia’s masthead and accent typeface are handwritten to echo the journal-like nature of the publication and the personal essays found within.

  In line with its heart-centered mission, Lucia’s founder has committed to returning at least 5% of future company profits to the community every year in the form of donations to inspiring nonprofits directly supporting women. Lucia has partnered with New Beginnings, a Seattle nonprofit that empowers survivors and mobilizes community awareness and action to end domestic violence, and plans to donate 5% of the first year’s profit to the organization.

  Lucia’s creative team includes Laura Lowery, Founder, Editor and Publisher; Amanda Ford, Editorial Advisor; Karly Siroky, Design Advisor; as well as a fast-growing number of contributing writers, photographers, and artists who are already working on Issue Two and Issue Three.

Lucia retails for $20 US, and is available for purchase and subscription at

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About Lucia

Lucia is an independent, advertising-free quarterly journal that seeks to inspire and enlighten the world by giving voice to the heart and celebrating true beauty. Founded in 2015 in Seattle, WA, Lucia is available in print and on the web at



Media Contact: Laura Lowery, laura [at] lauralowery [dot] com, 206 799 5604