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welcome to lucia 

Hi, I'm Laura, and I'm the founder and editor of Lucia. 

Thank you for finding your way here. I’m excited to share Lucia with you.

Lucia is a new kind of magazine. Independent and ad-free. Our mission is to inspire and enlighten the world by giving voice to the heart and celebrating true beauty. 

why start lucia?

This journal was born from my heart’s longing…to be moved, feel inspired, and connect with what is real. 

I often feel inundated with imagery and content in women's magazines that competes to capture my attention in order to sell me stuff. Most are filled with unrealistic advertisements telling me I am not enough. Fashion models without flaws flaunt clothing and makeup I can not fathom wearing. Headlines shout from newsstands telling me "five ways” I can lose weight, tame my frizz, tone my abs and have a cleaner house. 

Meanwhile, I yearn to feel connected to what is real, what is true. Maybe you feel it too? 

  • Lucia is different. You won’t find advertising or airbrushed models in our pages. Instead you will find incredible personal writing and essays, beauty, magnificence and truth – loads of it.
  • Lucia is beautifully designed. Full color, 108 pages, 7.5 x 9.5 inches, and filled with heartfelt essays, photography and art from inspiring women and men. Gorgeous typefaces combined with handwritten script in beautiful inks on thicker, softer, responsibly-milled paper makes reading and turning each page feel so good.
  • Lucia is authentic, heartfelt, and curated to spark creativity. This is a magazine unlike any I’ve ever seen before. 

why we need your help

Making an ad-free magazine is expensive. It can be self-sustaining, but only when we reach a certain circulation. Based on initial excitement and orders for Lucia (we are already on the shelves at selected Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble would like to order Issue Two) we feel confident Lucia will grow with time and become a self-sustaining publication.

Issue Two is written, designed, and ready to print. It is gorgeous. I am hopeful we can raise the funds to print it and keep Lucia moving forward! In addition to Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble, we are growing our base and new subscribers are finding Lucia every day.

But we can't get there without help. Our Kickstarter campaign in May 2015 had a goal of $60K, an amount that would have enabled us to fund the creation and printing the first three issues of Lucia. While that campaign raised more than $20K, we couldn't accept any of it because we didn't meet our goal.

This platform (Indiegogo) enables us to keep whatever is contributed, even if we do not meet the goal. We will use funds raised with this camapign to print Issue Two, get it into your hands, and fill the orders we've received from distributors.

  • Lucia represents something the world needs. Some nights I can not go to sleep because I am so busy thinking about all of the women and men out there who might connect with and be inspired by Lucia. How many creative fires might a journal like this encourage and spark? Could even one change the whole world for the better? Gives me goose bumps. 
  • Lucia has a solid business and marketing plan. My background of nearly 20 years in communications and PR, including more than 10 years running my own creative business, has helped immensely with this project. I’ve developed cash flow projections for what it will take to make Lucia profitable and sustainable as quarterly publication. It is a big lift, and will take some time to get there. 
  • Creating and printing a high-quality full-color periodical with no advertisements is expensive. In order to fund the printing of Issue Two we hope to raise at least $20,000. Anything beyond this goal will help us be able to compensate Lucia’s incredible writers, contributors, design and editorial advisors, and contribute to printing costs for Issue Three.

lucia: on giving back

Lucia is not your ordinary magazine. 

We are passionate about community. In fact, we think community is the antidote to the negative effects of all those ads in magazines selling unattainable ideas of perfection—our communities are where we get real; where we feel appreciated for giving voice to our hearts; where we find true beauty; where we support and inspire each other. 

From the very beginning I've envisioned Lucia as a business that gives back. While the rules prohibit us from donating any proceeds of this campaign to charity, the rules do not prohibit us from deciding that we intend to donate a portion of Lucia's FUTURE profits (after funds have been used to successfully create Issue Two). As a hopeful and heart-centered entrepreneur, it is my intention to do so. 

What does that mean? 

As Lucia grows beyond Issue Two, we plan to return 5% percent of our profits to the community each year by donating to inspiring nonprofit organizations that directly support women. 

We are serious about this commitment and though we’ve not yet made a dime of revenue, we are hopeful and have already spoken with New Beginnings, a nonprofit that empowers survivors and mobilizes community awareness and action to end domestic violence. They love our idea, and we are planning to give 5% of our first profitable year's profits to them.

gifts for lucia’s patrons

We are excited to share rewards with you!

Whether you can afford to contribute $15, $100, $1,000, or more, you’ll receive heaps of gratitude plus unique perks and rewards. Check out our Indiegogo page for photos and details, there is something for everyone. 

I already feel so much gratitude for you, and can not wait to share these gifts.

thank you! 

If Lucia is something you believe in too, and you’d like it to become a reality, I’m asking you to tell your friends and family about this campaign. Share the link with your friends. Tell them why it’s important, invite them to join you in supporting Lucia’s mission: To inspire and enlighten the world by giving voice to the heart, and celebrating true beauty. 

I hope you will become part of Lucia. I’m excited to connect with you,

From my heart, thank you.