praise for lucia

"A publication that celebrates the language of the heart and the power of grace in human beings. I believe that supporting Lucia is a vote for bringing intelligent, deep, and authentic voices into the public sphere." -Denise Benitez, Owner, Seattle Yoga Arts, Seattle

“Lucia is a breath of fresh air and much needed departure from the superficial magazine options for women. We could all use more beauty, soul and truth in our lives.” – Valerie McCaskill Dickman, Freelance Writer, Photographer, PR Consultant, Chicago


“Imagine reading a magazine that empowers and inspires you without making you feel badly about yourself. We all want that don't we?” – Maire Griffin, Director of Global Communications at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, New York


"A magazine that celebrates truth and beauty in all things, with absolutely no advertising contained within its pages. Awesome? Awesome. ...Lucia aims to fill a huge void in the magazine world." - Lucia Peters, Writer for Bustle, Theatre Director, New York

"You can see yourself in these pages." - Margaret Larson,
Host, New Day Northwest


“Love the presence and focus of this publication.” – Melissa Ahlers, Real Estate Broker, Seattle Lifestyle & Floating Homes Specialist, Seattle


“This is something rare and amazing and uplifting and beautiful - all wrapped in one package.” – Mel Bolton, Managing Partner, LyonSHARE Group, San Francisco


“A stunning publication devoted to authentic writing and art, free of ads and negativity.” – Emiko Atherton, Visual Storyteller, Writer, World Traveler


“When creative women join forces good things happen. Lucia is magnificent, beautiful to look at and inspiring to read.” –Judy Ford, Psychotherapist, Writer, Cartoon Creator, Seattle


“Beautiful new journal full of inspiration, light and beauty.” – Rikki Campbell Ogden, Owner and Creative Director at pixiedesign, llc, Denver