why partner with lucia?

Lucia is a new kind of magazine for women, one that gives voice to the heart and celebrates true beauty.

We created Lucia in response to the sort of advertisements and messages in women's magazines that for decades have communicated to women that we are not enough. As the world's most powerful consumers, we know it has a psychological effect on us, and we need a break from it.

Lucia signifies a cultural shift in the kinds of publications women are willing to purchase, read, and allow to shape our understanding of ourselves.

We are offering this exclusive opportunity to a small number of outstanding brands our staff personally use and love, companies we see empowering women and men to live inspired, creative lives. We invite you to partner with us.

I hope you can join us in this important work.

Laura Lowery, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Laura Lowery, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

who are lucia's readers?

Lucia readers live inspired lives. They are traveling the world, buying specialty coffee, creating and writing by hand, caring for their bodies and homes in ways that are naturally beautiful and sustainable. They are reading The New York Times, planting gardens, eating well, moving mindfully, and practicing self-care.

Our readers are:

  • Well-educated | High-Income | 25-50
  • Shopping at Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble
  • Intelligent consumers
  • Cultivating creative, inspired lives
  • Engaged on social media and influencing their peers
  • Purchasing brands they feel good about
  • Living fully and from the heart
  • Making positive marks on the world
  • Devouring Lucia's print + online content
  • Communicating their appreciation to Lucia's editors daily

what is lucia's reach?

For a complete list of retailers in the U.S., visit our  stockist page .

For a complete list of retailers in the U.S., visit our stockist page.

More than 125 high-end retail locations in 23 states in the U.S. currently carry Lucia's award-winning print magazine on their shelves. We are stocked by selected Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble bookstores across the country, as well as a growing number of specialty independent retail shops, such as Elliott Bay Books and NICHEoutside.

  • Lucia Journal: Producing 5,000 copies sold for $20 each.
  • luciajournal.com: 25,000 website visits per issue and growing.
  • Facebook: 450+ engaged fans and growing.
  • Instagram: 450+ engaged followers and growing.

what are women saying?

  • "You can see yourself in these pages." - Margaret Larson, Host, New Day Northwest, NBC
  • “Lucia is a breath of fresh air and much needed departure from the superficial magazine options for women. We could all use more beauty, soul and truth in our lives.” – Valerie McCaskill Dickman, Freelance Writer, Photographer, PR Consultant, Chicago
  • “Imagine reading a magazine that empowers and inspires you without making you feel badly about yourself. We all want that don't we?” Maire Griffin, Director of Global Communications at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, New York
  • "A magazine that celebrates the language of the heart and the power of grace in human beings. I believe that supporting Lucia is a vote for bringing intelligent, deep, and authentic voices into the public sphere." -Denise Benitez, Owner, Seattle Yoga Arts, Seattle
  • "Awesome? Awesome. ...Lucia aims to fill a huge void in the magazine world." - Lucia Peters, Writer for Bustle, Theatre Director, New York

print advertorial rate

Full Spread, Issue Three - $8,500

Lucia Journal, our flagship and award-winning print publication, is free of traditional advertising. In Issue Three, we are devoting eight pages (four spreads) to an advertorial section, a curated collection of the brands we love and use in a thoughtful series of beautifully-designed, inspiring pages. To view sample print layouts, click here: Lucia Partners Section

Print advertorials rate also includes:

  • Six months of online visibility for your brand on luciajournal.com. See below for details.
  • Six monthly social media thanks for your brand on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 
  • Copywriting and design services (as needed) for your advertorial pages.

online feature rates

1 month - $500
3 months - $1,200
6 months - $2,000
1 year - $3,500

Online feature rates include:

  • Your brand featured on page at luciajournal.com, which can include:
    • Advertorial message from your company (250 words max, meeting Lucia's guidelines)
    • Accompanying photography or imagery (meeting Lucia's guidelines)
    • Your brand logo and tagline 
    • Optional special offer for Lucia readers to click to receive or redeem (not required)
    • Copywriting and design services (as needed) for your page
    • Up to five hyperlinks to your URLs 
  • Your logo at the foot of luciajournal.com main pages 
    • Elegant gray-on-white version of your brand logo
    • Copy above logos introducing Lucia Parters : Things We Love. Lucia Partners are a curated collective of brands we at Lucia personally use and love. Generous support from these partners makes it possible for us to bring you Lucia and luciajournal, free from traditional advertising. We hope you will consider supporting them."
    • Logo hyperlinks to your brand page on luciajournal.com
    • "Things We Love" language and logos will appear above the footer of main menu pages
  • Main menu item "Partners" directing readers to your brand's page on luciajournal.com
  • Monthly social media messages (photos and words by Lucia) will single out and thank your company for being a partner and encourage our readers to support and follow your brand. Messages will cross all three of our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

friends of lucia rates

Print + online - $450
Online - $200

Designed for small businesses, independent artists, and individual patrons. Friends of Lucia is also a curated collection of those we love. In Issue Three, we devote a page to thanking Friends of Lucia, which will include your name and website (or applicable info). 

Friends of Lucia print+online rate includes:

  • Your listing in print version of Issue Three, including your name or business name and URL.
  • Everything in the Friends of Lucia online rate (see below).

Friends of Lucia online rate includes:

  • Six months of online visibility for your business name + hyperlink at luciajournal.com.
    • Your name or business name, URL and hyperlink on our "Friends of Lucia" page.
    • "Friends of Lucia" page will be located at our "Partners" button on the main menu .
  • Quarterly social media messages will link to the "Friends of Lucia" page and encourage followers to visit these creative businesses, artists and lights.